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February 21, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
Local tax payers need a break from all those asking for more money. It seems like every day someone is at our door asking for a handout. They say save us, we won’t make any more bad decisions like we made in the past. This almost sounds like “bailout” and that word has a bad taste in the taxpayers’ mouth.

Soon it will be the good ol’ taxpayer asking for a handout just to survive in this world. Who will hear their cry for help then? What a shame that politicians continue to drive us taxpayers into the ground. Too many people think taxpayers are the secret bullet when money is needed to save someone’s new idea. Not anymore, taxpayers will vote “no” to save their own business.

[auth] Taxpayers want to see bright minds do great works without asking for more tax money. The local gross receipts tax increase will never solve the problem we are facing today. Politicians think just throw taxpayers’ dollars at the problem after all it’s free money with no consequences. Can anyone ever tell the taxpayers that their taxes will ever come down because they did right with what has been entrusted to them? No, not yet! Taxpayers have been so nice and volunteered tax increases for many years but this will stop this year and local taxpayers will put a stop to all the ideas using their money.

To this day we have no real solid return for the amount of money being asked from the local taxpayers. Sounds like the children of today who ask for money to buy something. When asked why do they want to buy that certain thing they say it is the best thing that has hit the market and everybody has it. They say life is going to be so much better if they can buy it no matter what it cost or even if they can afford it. Only to find out a new item will soon be on its way that is much better. It won’t be long before they will be back asking for more money in the hands of a child. Especially when he knows very little about what he is doing with it.

Not one politician can tell us how many companies will commit to setting up businesses in Roswell because of the new sidewalls they will get from the $12.5 million dollars. The local taxpayer sees no proof in the pudding. So, Roswell taxpayers say no to the gross receipts tax increase. We will not be duped into an idea that has no real return.

Local taxpayers want to spend their hard earned money on their families much like the local politicians are doing. We want to invest in ways that make sense right now. That means taking care of the home and make sure the bills are paid up. This is much harder now more than ever before, if you have not noticed by now. Wake up and smell the coffee because the coffee pot is brewing.

Orlando J. Cobos

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