Tea party only after Obama

February 17, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,
The tea party is a strong, but rapidly fading, influence in politics.
They are losing their appeal and power because they don’t know the difference between campaigning and governing.

When their campaigns were supposed to be over and they were elected, they were sent to Washington to govern, but instead of governing, they have simply continued their campaign against President Obama.

To govern, the tea party must be [auth] for something and not simply against President Obama. They must have clearly defined and obtainable goals. They don’t. They must introduce and pass legislation that will achieve these goals. They have not.

Mitch McConnell, the ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, said the Republicans’ number one goal was not creating jobs, not reducing the deficit, but making sure President Obama was a one-term president.

To achieve this the Republicans, in general, and the tea partiers, in particular, have opposed everything the president has done to create jobs, improve the economy and reduce the national debt. They were willing to let the country go into default because they thought that would make President Obama look bad. They don’t want the economy to improve because a poor economy will help them to defeat the president and that is more important to them than the plight of millions of Americans who are unemployed.

They killed the president’s American Jobs Act which would have created millions of jobs. All of this would not be so bad if they had an alternate agenda to solve the nation’s problems, but they don’t. Their only agenda is defeating President Obama, and that is campaigning, not governing.

Randle Easley

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