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February 17, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
Having grown up in the southeastern region [auth] of the state for most of my young life, it is no surprise that oil and gas have been a major contributor to employment and financial success here in the valley. I have personally seen the importance this business has had on the livelihood of families in my community and in the rest of the region. However, like anything else, there comes a price to this success and in this case, it is the threat to the environment.

We live in a water-scarce state, with persistent drought, and every drop of water is precious. New Mexico simply cannot afford to sacrifice any of it. However, under the current Martinez administration, the risks are high as she is attempting to dismantle the safeguards that protect our water like the Pit Rule. Does our governor not drink the same water that we do?

We depend on our elected leaders to protect our families and communities. That means protecting the quality of the water that comes out of our tap at home. But according to recent articles and discussions it seems like Governor Martinez’s priorities are focused elsewhere. That is a terrifying thought. Rather than once again politicizing another issue that affects all New Mexicans, why not support the Pit Rule, which protects the well-being of our citizens and provides an opportunity to sustain and improve our water system?

Angelica Rubio
Lake Arthur

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