Shiprock Chapter investigated for mismanagement

February 16, 2012 • State News

SHIPROCK, N.M. (AP) — Claims that the president, vice president, secretary and other Shiprock Chapter staff mismanaged more than $1 million in chapter funds is under investigation by the Navajo Department of Justice.

The Daily Times ( ) [auth] reports a group of community members last month reported what it called “reckless mismanagement” of funds to the tribe’s Office of White Collar Crime.

The complaint alleges elected officials and employees looted the chapter’s bank account of $820,000 in August 2009 to the point where the chapter could no longer pay its utility or phone bills in October 2010.

The complaint seeks criminal and civil charges against chapter officials. The complaint includes more than 100 pages of financial records, including copies of checks, bank statements and the chapter’s monthly check register.

Chapter Vice President Donald Benally calls the complaint part of an ongoing political agenda.

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