Fix redistricting, primaries

February 7, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

There are two things going on in our nation that disturb me.

One is the re-districting for the Legislature and many other bodies. Leaders of both parties seem to accept it as normal, moral and democratic to draw the lines where their own party will benefit and will be assured of electing their candidate to public office. [auth] I can’t figure out what that has to do with promoting a democratic republic. Why not draw the lines so that competing parties and interests will be more-or-less evenly split? That way, the elections could be based on ideas, not partisanship.

Second is the system of presidential primaries. I’ve noticed that in the two most recent presidential elections, the candidates had the nominations “sewed up” long before New Mexico held its pitiful little presidential primary. The large-population states determine who the nominees will be in their states, and after several of their primaries, the deal is made. The votes of New Mexicans in the presidential primary have no political importance at all. Again, what does this method have to do with democracy?

The obvious answer is that we need to have a national presidential primary in which all the states hold their primaries on the same day. When will our national political leaders ever get the courage to change this unfairsystem that we now have?


Elvis E. Fleming

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