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February 7, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to float a quick idea here.

The proposition is — what happens to America if the current tax code continues to favor the rich? Please note this is a big question, which is becoming harder to ignore. Will the rich just get richer and keep saying everything is fine, or will an ever-widening wealth gap, in America, [auth] eventually create a real bang, bang revolution?

So — what if we Americans literally tied the tax code to the wealth gap? That is, the more income you make the more income taxes you pay. Of course, this was the real intention of America’s tax code in the first place but somehow, in the past 30 years, things got twisted around and the rich in America actually pay less, in percentage of income, than do working Americans.

In short, what I am proposing is to go back to the tax code, as it stood 50 years ago, and put income taxes back on an equitable scale. I am sure this would provide more income to offset hunger in America and generally provide a better society for all Americans.

Somehow, some way, we Americans need to force Congress to look after the rights of all the American people instead of allowing Congress to continue passing legislation favorable only to the rich. If and when we Americans can do this, then we shall see a better future.

Jim Osborne

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