Campaign costs soaring

February 7, 2012 • Dear Editor

De[auth] ar Editor,

Several days ago, I read a news report that former Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent an average of $1,000 per vote during his campaign to be the party’s nominee for president. The story went on to say that Mitt Romney had spent around $18 million in the Florida primary, alone!

There was also a story some weeks ago, that President Obama is close to raising $1 billion in campaign funds for the coming presidential race. Adding these figures to that spent by all candidates, and expected future spending before the next election, the total will be astronomical. The average person cannot even fathom these numbers. It’s lunacy!

In light of our current economy and our nation’s massive debt, most of us, whether Democrat or Republican, would desire those we elect to be somewhat fiscally responsible. My question is, “How can any candidate running for office in Washington, D.C., understand how to get our nation back on a sound financial track, when their spending record is so out of whack with reality?”

I know that television ads are expensive, but necessary. But it also makes one wonder if, knowingly or unknowingly, the media greatly drives the agenda and costs in elections. I’d like to say we’re not stupid, we can fix this. And yet, maybe we are?

Hugh Taylor

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