Mel Gibson may be witness in discrimination trial

February 4, 2012 • Entertainment

FILE – In this July 31, 2006 file photo, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy James Mee speaks to a reporter, as he arrived at his home in Calabasas, Calif. Attorneys for the deputy who arrested Gibson in 2006 want to call the actor-director to testify during the deputy’s upcoming workplace discrimination lawsuit. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys for a deputy who arrested Mel Gibson on suspicion of drunken driving want to call the Oscar-winner as a witness during an upcoming trial to determine if the officer suffered discrimination because of the case.

The trial will focus on what happened to Deputy James Mee after he arrested the actor-director in 2006, and whether he endured discrimination because he is Jewish.

Mee’s attorneys are hoping to show the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department moved to protect Gibson because the star had a close Login to read more

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