Politics behind class warfare

January 31, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
In his speeches, President Obama drones on and on about “fairness,” everyone doing his “fair” share and paying “fair” taxes. Who decides what is “fair?” Why, big government devotees, of course. They start with the assumption that the fruit of our labor belongs to them and they have the right to decide how much we can keep.

“Fair,” to them, guarantees an equal outcome, not equal opportunity. Talent, education, hard work, sacrifice, risk and investment do not enter into the equation. They promote class warfare by demonizing [auth] successful people.

Typical of their Saul Alinsky philosophy, they divide us into the “haves” and the “have-nots.” If there are valid reasons why some are “have-nots,” we will never hear it from these educated rabble rousers, because they want to incite envy and resentment to accomplish their political purposes.

Capitalism is based on private enterprise and individual entrepreneurial endeavor. We will never have equal outcome, because some people are smarter, more talented, more inventive and work harder than others. This is exactly as it should be. This is why they are more successful than the “have-nots.” Society benefits from the contributions of these exceptional people. It is one reason that we in the United States, in the past, have enjoyed a higher standard of living than many in the world.

But Marxists fantasize about a paradise where all people are equal. This has failed miserably in every country where it has been tried. Capitalism is also based on self interest; that is, reaping the rewards from your labor. When government forcibly takes those rewards to give to others, this motive is stifled. Why invent and work hard, only to have it confiscated by a gaggle of government planners so they can buy votes with it from their dependent lackeys?

President Obama has no record to run on. So he is desperate to create division, in the hope that it will help his election. What a sad and sorry tactic it is. I believe the American people will not be hoodwinked by this outrageous political strategy.

Delma Craig

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