Sanchez seeks Ward IV seat

January 25, 2012 • Local News

Savino Sanchez Jr.

Savino Sanchez Jr., associate pastor of Roswell’s Church on the Move, says he is running for the Ward IV City Council seat during the municipal election in March.

Councilor Amarante Fresquez currently represents the ward.

Although this will be Sanchez’s first time running for City Council, he said, “It’s been in my heart a long time.” Each time a city election arose, Sanchez contemplated getting involved. This year he made a final decision to run because, “I want to get involved with the future of Roswell. [auth] I’d like to see Roswell continue to grow. I was born and raised here. Our children were born and raised here. Now some of my grandchildren are in school here. I’d like for them, if they wanted to stay here, to have something that they can provide for their families, just like Roswell has provided for me.”

If elected, Sanchez said his focal point would be Roswell families. ”If we can get the families back to where they need to be it helps everybody.” As for the future of Roswell, Sanchez said he currently doesn’t see much that can really provide for families. Sanchez said he would like to see more businesses come to Roswell in order to hire its citizens so they are able to provide for their families and live comfortably.

A full-time associate pastor at Church on the Move for four years, Sanchez said he was drawn to the church because, “I just love God, what he’s done in my life, the change he’s done in my life and in our family’s (life).” Sanchez’s involvement with various ministries, through his role with the church, including rehabilitation and prison, have enabled him to “see what’s going on as far as families being really destroyed because of the drugs, the drinking, all this. I’d just like to be able to be a part of helping them to get out of that lifestyle.”

Sanchez enjoys bettering lives, and holds God in addition to the people of Roswell close to his heart. He said he has seen Church on the Move, through its services and programs, change many community members for the better.

As for the crime in the community, Sanchez would like to help tackle the issue since, “It affects all of Roswell, it just doesn’t affect the ones that are involved in it. It affects all of us.”

Believing he would offer a different view on the council, if elected, Sanchez said, “When you work within the community you see a lot of things that are happening and some of those things I’d like to see get better.” Sanchez said he’d like to improve the living situation for families in the community by providing them with opportunities to obtain secure jobs, enroll their children in good programs, and the like.

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  1. aegarcia says:

    Very FINE candidate, and Yes Pastor Savino is true man of God and I can say he has helped me whenI needed him the most, GOOD LUCK Pastor!!!

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