War changes people

January 17, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
I suppose we’ve all seen the picture of several Marines urinating on the bodies of alleged Taliban terrorists by now and the uproar it has caused.

While I don’t condone that type of behavior, I do criticize what I saw on CNN this morning; a group of reporters. mostly attractive, well dressed, well fed, and well protected young women, commenting and criticizing and expressing outrage at something they know absolutely nothing about. How close to war have any of them been? How many of them even know what kind of environment these young men live in every day. How many of them have been sent into combat day after day and deployed multiple times into war zones where each day might be your last? It takes a toll and changes one’s emotions and outlook. Sometimes they take it out on themselves … witness the high suicide rate among our new warrior class.

War atrocities occur every day on both sides. It’s part of the Login to read more

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