Flipped auto

January 13, 2012 • Local News

Police arrest a suspect following a wreck that [auth] flipped a vehicle onto a fence at a residence on the corner of Poe and Virginia, Thursday afternoon. (Mark Wilson Photo)

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  1. aegarcia says:

    Hello whats the info on this better than a picture only!!! RDR im really getting tired of paying for your sorry news reports!!!

  2. Vanessa Kahin says:

    I personally went to the site of this accident to gather information to write an article. However, the Roswell Police Department did not release any information about what had happened. Witnesses and those involved had been asked by investigating officials not to give out information as well. After spending more time than I probably should have at the site of the accident, I went to the police department and was denied information there, too.
    There is only so much we can do when concerned entities do not cooperate.

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