RPD arrests robbery suspect

January 12, 2012 • Local News

Police arrested Xavier Barela, 35, on one count of armed robbery, one count of robbery and one count of aggravated assault, Wednesday.

“Detectives with the Roswell Police Department secured an arrest warrant and arrested Barela, less than 24 hours after the two armed robberies were reported,” said Officer Erica O’Bryon, spokeswoman for the police.

On Tuesday night a man approached a 60-year-old woman on Riverside Drive, pulled a gun and demanded [auth] her purse. Her husband witnessed the incident. A little while later, the same thing occurred in the 2000 block of West First Street when a man pulled a gun on a second victim.

“The male armed with a firearm approached two different subjects outside of their homes and demanded their belongings,” O’Bryon said.

An officer noticed a man fitting the description of the suspect at an ATM. When the police unit pulled in, the man ran. A short foot pursuit ensued. The vehicle was found a short distance away. The officer looked inside the vehicle and saw the woman’s missing purse. The officer stayed with the vehicle, which was later towed.

Officials obtained information about the vehicle’s owner and subsequently issued an arrest warrant.

“Investigating officers obtained multiple search warrants for residences and vehicles. While executing the search warrants Barela was found,” O’Bryon said.

Officials believe the searches may solve a number of different cases.

Barela was transported to the Chaves County Detention Center where he will be held on a $100,000 surety bond.

O’Bryon wanted to remind everyone to be alert and observant when entering and exiting their vehicles. She asked people to contact the Roswell Police Department and report any suspicious subjects or activity.

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  1. aegarcia says:

    100,000 bond how about held without bond….WOW!!! preying on the elderly they should have shot the piece of crap!!!! One less so called THUG waste of life off the streets!!!!!! I hope all these elderly people getting hurt will get justice for what has been done to them, it would have been one of my elder family member they would be reading obituary and having car washes to bury the waste of life!!!!

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