USPS holds town hall on closure

December 15, 2011 • Local News

Anger surrounded Wednesday evening’s town hall meeting as representatives from the United States Postal Service explained the organization’s delicate and rapid downturn in its financial situation.

The USPS held the meeting in Roswell to solicit public comment regarding its proposal to move mail processing operations from the city to Lubbock, Texas. On Sept. 15, the USPS began conducting a study at the Roswell Customer Service Mail Processing Center to determine the feasibility of consolidating its operations into the Lubbock Processing and Distribution Facility.

Peter Hass, spokesman for the USPS for New Mexico and Arizona, told the Daily Record in September that the economy, the reduction in mail volume and a 25 percent decrease in first-class mail volume over the past five years, have all been detrimental, causing the organization to examine ways in which it can be more efficient.

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  1. murphy says:

    If you want to keep the Postal Service as you now know it, stop emailing, stop online bill pay, this is what’s damaging the Postal Service. We have all but eliminated bills being sent out with the e-statements. Catalog orders? Gone. The Postal Service is NOT funded by the government, they have to generate revenue and that is done by we, the people, using its’ services. If you continue to do what is convenient for you, then don’t complain when the Postal Service attempts to take action to remain solvent. The 22 positions Mr. Hass spoke of will more likely than not be captured through attrition.

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