A New Era OB/GYN Specialists offer women a new choice in women’s health and wellness

November 10, 2011 • Local Business Review

Michael Nowak, DO (left) and Scott Snyder, MD

Eastern New Mexico Medical Center is proud to offer the women in our community a new choice in women’s health and wellness. A New Era OB/GYN Specialists and it provides comprehensive and compassionate care for women.

Both physicians at A New Era have the experience and expertise to provide comfortable care. Michael Nowak, DO and Scott Snyder, MD have a combined over 40 years of experience in providing excellence in women’s health.

A New Era OB/GYN Specialists offers individualized care with a wide variety of services, including:

∆ Hormone Replacement Therapy & replacement alternatives

∆ Abdominal & vaginal surgery

∆ No-incision/minimally invasive surgery

∆ Minimally invasive treatment for menstrual irregularities

∆ Osteoporosis therapy

∆ Perimenopausal counseling

∆ Full-spectrum of care for urinary incontinence

∆ Obstetrics: vaginal/cesarean delivery

∆ Breast feeding support & lactation consulting

∆ Infertility & treatment for sexual dysfunction

∆ Treatment for pelvic [auth] pain

∆ Alternative options for pain relief

A New Era also offers preventive care which includes Well Woman Visits; Breast Cancer Screening; Cervical Cancer Screening and vaccine; Colon Cancer/Cholesterol Screenings; and Ovarian Cancer Screening.

With October right around the corner, the professionals at A New Era remind you that October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month. Don’t forget to schedule a mammogram today.

No one looks forward to a mammogram. But to date, it’s one of the most effective screening tools for protecting a woman against breast cancer – helping to promote early detection and diagnosis, which in turn contribute to better outcomes for women who require treatment.

The American Cancer Society currently recommends that beginning at age 40, women should have a mammogram once a year, unless their physician has recommended that screenings begin earlier or be conducted more frequently based on their personal health history.

Before your next mammogram, make sure you are prepared and know what to expect so that your appointment is an informative and stress-free experience.

Tall tales and war stories about the mammogram have been passed back and forth for years; however, most women agree that the actual mammogram does not live up to these legendary tales. The advent of digital mammography has made the process more comfortable because less compression of the breast is necessary to record an image of the breast tissue.

Here are a few more simple steps women can take to improve their mammography experience:

Keep your doctor informed: Talk to your doctor about any new issues, questions or potential problems: a lump, pain, tenderness, or other symptoms. The American Cancer Society also recommends informing your doctor of any hormone use, prior surgeries, and family or personal history of breast cancer. If you have had a previous mammogram by another physician, obtain a copy of that record for your new physician – that way, he or she, and the radiologist, have a baseline from which to compare your current images.

Schedule strategically: It’s a good idea to schedule your mammogram during the time of the month when your breasts are the least tender (i.e., after your monthly period) to minimize any potential discomfort during your exam. The best time for a mammogram is the week immediately following your period. If you’re still concerned about breast tenderness, you may want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as aspirin, acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (such as Advil or Motrin), about an hour before your mammogram to ease discomfort.

Be proactive: Ask when your results will be available and how the information will be communicated: by mail, online, or by telephone. Do not assume that your results are normal if you do not hear back from the doctor or the radiologist.

To schedule an appointment at A New Era today, please contact us at 575-624-4646.

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