Growth receipt tax is an essential element to future success

October 28, 2011 • Local News

The addition of a Municipal Infrastructure Growth Receipts Tax to the city’s current gross receipt tax is an essential element to Roswell’s future success, according to Mayor Del Jurney. Jurney is reintroducing the proposal for the additional tax, which has not passed in the past two attempts.

“It’s not all about today. It’s about five years from now, ten years from now, fifteen years from now. This investment in the community, that we’re asking the citizens to make, is going to be as important as the investment that they made back in the 1940s when they purchased water rights,” Jurney said.  

The addition of the GRT would result in an increase of the city’s current gross receipts tax, which would shift from 7.125 percent to 7.25 percent or 12.5 cents for every $100 spent. It would apply to all taxable goods, excluding food or medicine, and is projected to create revenues of $1.2 million annually. If the initiative is passed, the GRT would go into effect July 1 2012.

A committee of 13 members of the community has been created to establish strategies, campaign information and specifically the ways to best communicate the merit of the tax effectively to the public. The committee was self-constituted, according to Jurney. Starting from a conversation with committee members Jeff Smith and Bobby Villegas about the merit of the tax initiative, Jurney said names for the committee began to surface from these talks. Once these names surfaced Jurney talked to the individuals personally.

The members of the GRT committee are as follow: Michael Trujillo, former county commissioner and president of El Charro Mexican Foods; Bruce Ellis, owner of the Roswell Lumber Do-It Center; Brooke Linthicum, marketing director at Eastern New Mexico Medical Center; Juan Oropesa, executive director at the Roswell Hispano Chamber of Commerce; Oscar Gonzalez, retired New Mexico State Police Captain; Jeff Smith, CEO of PrimeSource Mortgage Inc.; Login to read more

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