Meeting looks at ways to improve tourism

October 27, 2011 • Local News

Expanding Roswell’s tourism image was on the agenda at a marketing meeting led by a representative of the Tourism Association of New Mexico and attended by many of the city’s leaders.

David Hayduk, who is based in Santa Fe and contracts for the southeast region of New Mexico, spoke about how he has planned to draw tourists to Roswell to see the sites.

“Bringing [auth] more financial wealth to Roswell” is the impetus, said Hayduk, and “the customer is king.”

With this in mind, he said he will be using more and more hi-tech means to show that Roswell and its surroundings are rich in history, have great weather and are unique in many area attractions. Even though the reported UFO crash in 1947 has been the main focus for a number of years, according to Hayduk, there are many more reasons for visitors to New Mexico to include Roswell on their itineraries.

Several web pages are being developed, as well as updates to existing sites, including a new Trip Advisory page which will include year-round attractions. All local businesses are invited to advertise on this page and get involved. There are also opportunities for both still photographs as well as video.

The upcoming Centennial Celebration marking 100 years of New Mexico statehood is going to be huge, Hayduk said. Throughout the state, organizations and attractions are in gear to celebrate the Land of Enchantment’s unique cultural diversity and its early history as well as food, art and entertainment. Albuquerque was featured in the New York Times travel section last Sunday.

For Roswell, the UFO attractions are a primary draw, but other points of interest include the Roswell Symphony Orchestra, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Bottomless Lakes State Park, the Spring River Park and Zoo and many others. The idea of putting brochures in local motels and restaurants to advertise these attractions was discussed during the meeting.

Also on the agenda was for native New Mexicans to do more traveling within the state rather than going elsewhere,
“If you live in New Mexico, visit New Mexico,” was the slogan.

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