Libyan forces search Tripoli for Gadhafi loyalists

October 16, 2011 • Business

Men walk through a graveyard for suspected Gadhafi loyalists in Misrata, Libya, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. More than 600 unidentified bodies have been buried at the site since the beginning of the Libyan uprising. (AP Photo/Manu Brabo)

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Libyan fighters fanned out in Tripoli neighborhoods Saturday to search for armed supporters of fugitive leader Moammar Gadhafi a day after a major gunbattle rocked the capital for the first time in two months.

Dozens of men combed apartment buildings for suspects and weapons in the Abu Salim neighborhood, which is home to the prison of the same name that became notorious for the abuse and killing of Gadhafi opponents. A day earlier, a gunbattle broke out in the area when a group tried to raise the green flag that symbolizes the ousted regime.

Revealing serious divisions within the revolutionary ranks, Saturday’s sweep of Abu Salim was being conducted mainly by a breakaway militia that refuses to answer to the main Tripoli military council.

It is one of many factions that have refused to put themselves under the Login to read more

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