Stabbing suspect Thomas is headed to trial

October 13, 2011 • Local News

Alvin Thomas, 38, has been bound over for trial on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Thomas, along with co-defendant Larry Cain, is accused of stabbing Colby House, 20, and Michael Lazos, 27, in late September.

The state’s first witness, April Horton, described the incident that took place around midnight in the 700 block of South Michigan Avenue as confused and happening so quickly that no one present had time to react.

She said that an unknown woman came to the door and asked for House. When he replied, “two men rushed into the residence, pushed me back and told me to stay [auth] there.”

Officer Scott Oldani testified to a stark scene when he first arrived at the residence. “I saw two men, one bleeding from wounds I could not see and another holding a softball-sized piece of intestine which was protruding from his stomach.”

House also took the stand and said simply: “Alvin (Thomas) and Larry Cain rushed in the house and stabbed me.”

When defense attorney Anna Marie Green asked for clarification about which one of the two men stabbed him, House replied: “They both stabbed me. The place where Alvin stabbed me was the most serious. Cain had a screwdriver.”

The victim’s grandmother said, “We very nearly lost him. The epigastric artery was severed. He had wounds on his neck which just missed a major artery. He lost two liters of blood, one-and-a-half liter before he got to the hospital, another half liter in surgery.”

Green told the court that her client believed that House was armed with a gun, and she inquired if he had had a weapon. House replied. “If I was armed, don’t you think I would have used it?”

Roswell Police Detective Robert Scribner said he was called to the scene around 3 a.m. He listed the weapons Thomas and Cain were carrying as a screwdriver and a 10-inch butcher knife. Investigators later located the knife in the Hondo River bed near Deming Street and Lea Avenue.

Thomas came into the police station the following Monday and wanted to talk to Scribner.

After waiving his Miranda rights, Thomas told officers that House had hit him on the head with some sort of implement, but Scribner said he could see neither bruising nor any other indication of injury.

Judge John Halvorson ruled that Thomas be held over for trial. Thomas remains at the Chaves County Detention Center on $25,000 cash or assurety bond.

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