RPD goes after scam operation

October 13, 2011 • Local News

On Sept. 29, the Roswell Police Department received information about a possible scam from Fedex.

“They became suspicious when a man came in asking for 50 separate shipping envelops. He returned with 33 addressed to different private addresses,” said RPD spokesman Officer Travis Holley.

During investigation, Detective Neil Binderman of the Criminal Investigation white-collar division discovered that the account number provided to Fedex belonged to a stem cell therapy company in California. “Why would a veterinary company be sending things out from Roswell?” asked Holley.

Officials checked the contents of the envelopes and [auth] found phony checks at $2,000 each, phony addresses and phony account numbers.

The scam appears to be international with some of the addresses located in Amsterdam.

“We were able to isolate a suspect who, we believe, is based in Canada,” Holley said.

The envelopes confiscated were addressed to people all over the country. “Detective Binderman has written to everyone, with the goal of finding out what connects them. Did they answer an ad? Is there an e-mail address?” said Holley.

“Thanks to Fedex and Detective Binderman, at least 33 people have been alerted and possibly thousands and thousands of dollars saved,” he said.

No charges will be filed against the man who obtained the original envelopes from Fedex who police believe is another victim.

“He answered a work-at-home advertisement on Craig’s list, and he thought he had a job. He began to get suspicious when they asked him to buy software to print checks. He then attempted to make contact with federal authorities to see what he should do,” Holley explained.

The information obtained from the investigation has led to ghost accounts for Pepe’s Jeans in New York and T-mobile phones in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Secret Service is working with the stem cell therapy company in California. “It looks like they were victimized too,” he said.

Holley wanted to remind people about the potential dangers found on the Internet.

“As with most of these things we suspect it originated outside the states. When working on the Internet, you have a trail that leads you across the globe and you find yourself in a rat’s nest which is impossible to track down.”

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