Kaly Cone’s Pumpkin Grand Champion Breeding Heifer

October 7, 2011 • Local News

Kaly Cone, 13, of Dora, with her “triple crown” breeding heifer, Pumpkin, at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, Thursday. (Vanessa Kahin Photo)

With a string of awards behind her, winning Grand Champion Breeding Heifer at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, Thursday, was a piece of cake — or rather a piece of pie — for a sweet-natured heifer named [auth] Pumpkin.

The breeding heifer from Dora was awarded Champion at the New Mexico State Fair and the Roosevelt County Fair earlier this year.

“She’s won every show in New Mexico,” said Mike Cone, father of 13-year-old Kaly Cone, who showed Pumpkin during the competition. Al-though it is not an official title for animals that win at three different fairs, Mike Cone likes to call Pumpkin a “triple crown.”

Kaly prefers to call her heifer Pumpkin, because “her head is shaped like a pumpkin,” she said with a chuckle.

Mike Cone said his daughter does not always show heifers. She often shows — and wins — with steers.

“This year just happened to be one of those years that we had a heifer,” Mike Cone said. The family, which includes mother Karen Cone, lives on a farm and ranch.

Kaly is a member of Future Farmers of America and Arch 4-H Club. The eighth-grader said she does not have a specific strategy when it comes to raising steers and heifers, but did confess she “works with them every day.”

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