Bands and food and rides and all kinds of fun

October 5, 2011 • Local News

Danielle Valenzuela chows down on a corn dog at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, Tuesday morning. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Flashing neon-colored lights, the smell of corn dogs and sounds of Hispanic music resonated in the air at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair Tuesday evening.

Those in attendance were offered a range of entertainment from a magician eating fire to a wildlife menagerie.

The Coca-Cola stage at the fair featured several Hispanic bands. Reto de Chihuahua Tejano, [auth] wearing matching black vests, gray button-down shirts and black cowboy hats, opened playing instruments such as the saxophone, the accordian and an electric guitar. A couple salsa danced to the music as those sitting and huddled around the bleachers snapped pictures from their phones and took videos of the band as they played. Sisters Kimberly,13, and Jacqueline,15, Arnero enjoyed listening to the concert. “They were really good I think they should this every year and bring in different groups,” Kimberly said.

Sister Jacqueline added, “It represents our Hispanic heritage.” 

Hands were raised in the air and hair blew in the wind as youngsters squealed and laughed while riding the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Super Shot at the carnival. And games such as Tubs of Fun, Bank-a-Ball, and One-in-Win, provided fairgoers with the chance to win oversized stuffed animals.

A surefire spectacle was The Kent Family Magic Circus put on by magician Victor Kent, featuring five members of his family. Kent, dressed in a green top hat, lime green blazer and tie, entertained his audience with acts such as a trapeze artist and the human blockhead.

Kent also brought youngsters up from the audience to participate in the show. Roswell resident Aceland Turner, 6, won a wand for holding one of three pink hula hoops that a miniature poodle jumped through.

Turner said the show was “really cool because I got to do tricks.”

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