UFO Fest brings attention to local talent and artists

September 30, 2011 • Local News

Besides attracting alien enthusiasts from New Mexico to New Zealand, the 2011 UFO Festival also drew attention to a relatively new group of attendees: local artists from Roswell and the surrounding areas, that otherwise go unnoticed. Thirty-two acts were featured at the 2011 festival, most of whom were local performers, according to Greg Neal, co-chair of the UFO Festival.

In past years, the festival has garnered talents from all over the country, at a cost upwards of $40,000, without seeing much receptiveness in return. “Why spend that kind of money when we have a lot of good local talent,” Neal said.

This year’s festival focused on acquiring local musicians, and for the first time, brought in a talent agency, Anderson Model and Talent Agency, based in Amarillo, Texas, due in large part to Neal’s initiative. With hopes of drawing attention to the wide array of talent in Roswell and the surrounding areas, Neal began approaching various talent agencies in New Mexico and Texas to attend the festival. Pitching the mutual benefit for agency and artist, Neal told them, “You as an agent never get down to the Southwest, conversely we got a lot of unknown talent down here that can’t afford to go to Dallas, and other big cities, to play so it might work both ways,” adding, he wanted to show these agencies and Login to read more

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    Wish I had been there for the event.

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