The state rests its case on Herrera

September 30, 2011 • Local News

The State rested its case against Israel Herrera, Thursday, after receiving the testimony of two expert witnesses. Herrera is charged with felony murder after the Nov. 22, 2010, shooting of Stephen Foster, 25.

Steven P. Guerra, ballistic expert for the Department of Public Safety testified that the lans and grooves found on the spent shell casing found in the front yard at 1104 W. Walnut Street matched those on the rifle located under the residence. The lans and grooves refer to striation marks that appear on a projectile after it has been shot.

“There were four lans and four groves with a right hand twist on each,” said Guerra.

However, he did qualify his statement saying that many SKS-type rifles have this configuration and only a microscopic test could confirm if the shell casing was associated with the rifle. His microscopic examination was inconclusive; therefore, he was unable to say definitively.
Guerra did say that the magazine found in the backyard did fit in the rifle. He noted that there were 38 live rounds in the rifle. Cosby pointed out that the normal load was 40. Guerra did not attempt to explain the absence of two rounds.

Under redirect, the assistant district attorney asked if there was an Login to read more

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