Clock ticking for city horse owner

September 29, 2011 • Local News

Hailee Lance, 6, brushes her pony, Buddy, on Wednesday. (Vanessa Kahin Photo)

Just one year shy of the end of a five-year grace period she was given to get rid of her livestock, Pamela Rhodes had — albeit temporarily — acquired more animals.

Rhodes lives on four acres of land on Atkinson Avenue. In 2007, before a neighbor complained about the smell and the noise coming from her home, Rhodes kept horses and goats.

Horses are special to Rhodes, not only because family members have owned them but because her daughter, Hailee Lance, 6, seems to be especially gifted with them. Lance has helped tame several horses and trained her pony, Buddy. Lance is also involved with 4-H, which might help the little cowgirl pay for college some day.

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  1. Roswelldave says:

    Stupid people in this town then they wonder why so many kids are involved in illegal activities. Let her keep her horse!

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