Police invade wrong house

September 27, 2011 • Local News

One Roswell family received a shock Friday evening when officials attempted to raid their home. The couple, Nancy and Orlando Parker, had just moved into this particular residence on July 15. Wife Nancy said, “They were ready to shoot.”

The incident report filed at the police department on Saturday states that three armed officers invaded a place on South Union Avenue on Friday.

Husband Orlando had just returned after driving back from Odessa, Texas. “I got home and 10 minutes later people were banging on the door. A lady put a gun in [auth] my face. They wanted inside my house,” he said.

He said he asked for a search warrant and was refused. “She told me she didn’t need a warrant to enter my home. She was shaking like crazy and I told her to put the gun away because she was making me nervous.”

The Drug Enforcement agent complied. Orlando said, “They were looking for someone that fit my description.”

According to Nancy, her husband asked her to get his identification. “He showed them his driver’s license, his bank card, his credit cards, and then they left. They gave no information, no excuses and no apologies for what had happened.”

Both mentioned that the officials continued to circle their home for several hours after they left. Nancy explained that she comes from a family which has police officers in it, and she felt not only her rights, but her home had been violated.

However, Orlando applauded what the law enforcement was trying to do in cleaning up Roswell.

Chief Al Solis noted that it was a federal warrant. “None of our (RPD) officers were involved, although I must say that in raids of this magnitude, it’s not surprising that incidents sometimes occur. We act in good faith, and we do apologize to the family. There was no malice intended against them,” he said.

The public information officer for the DEA, Diana Apodaca said, “On Thursday, we had executed a search warrant for this particular suspect at a location on South Main Street where we located a quantity of methamphetamines. On Friday, we acted on a citizen’s tip we received about the suspect living at the second address.”

Nancy wondered why they had not checked their information with the utilities board before they made their move.

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  1. aegarcia says:

    They ought to be solving all these unsolved murders, RPD cant even do that but when they got a warrant they blow your whole house down.. So get to work RPD and start solving all these senseless murders do your job…

  2. andrew2 says:

    It was the DEA not the RPD.

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