Veto showdown, court fight looms on redistricting

September 23, 2011 • State News

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Democrats in the Legislature headed Thursday toward a veto showdown with Republican Gov. Susana Martinez over proposals for changing the boundaries of New Mexico’s districts for elective offices.

If no redistricting plan is enacted, the fight likely will shift to the courts in the coming months and a judge could end up drawing new district boundaries.

That’s what happened 10 years ago when the Democratic-controlled Legislature and another Republican governor — Gary Johnson — tangled over redistricting plans for seats in Congress and the state House of Representatives.

Similar partisan divisions are on display this year.

Democrats pushed through a House redistricting plan in the 70-member chamber shortly after midnight Thursday. However, Martinez immediately made it clear she doesn’t support the proposal.

The measure passed the House on a 36-34 vote, with one Democrat joining Republicans in opposing the measure. The chamber’s lone independent, Rep. Andy Nunez of Hatch, formerly a conservative Democrat, sided with Democrats to provide the needed vote necessary to pass the bill.

Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell called the plan a “partisan gerrymander.”

“House and Senate Democrats have Login to read more

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