Grow Roswell Together

September 23, 2011 • Local News

The motto, “Grow Roswell Together,” an acronym for Gross Receipts Tax, has been established as the official slogan for the campaign to include the tax with the city’s current growth receipt tax, by the committee in charge of the campaign at their strategic planning meeting Thursday morning. Housekeeping items, advertising plans for the campaign, and the duties of the various sub-committees for the campaign, were addressed at the meeting.

Brooke Linthicum, marketing [auth] director at Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, will chair the Public Relations committee that will be responsible for the advertisement of the campaign. Campaign funds will be largely, if not solely, spent on advertising. Plans for advertising include brochures, in both English and Spanish, explaining the GRT and how it would help the community of Roswell, placements in newspaper, television and radio, as well as presentations to organizations in town such as the Rotary Club.

Projected revenues gained from the tax are $1.2 million a year. The city council ultimately decides how that money will be used. The Local Economic Development Act is the basis for creating an ordinance that outlines the process and procedures for how that many can be used. That ordinance will be created by the Economic Development Corporation in Roswell. The committee plans to begin advertising the ordinance, which will be presented at a public hearing by the city council before it is enacted. All ordinances require a public hearing before being enacted. The committee anticipates the public hearing for the ordinance to be held during the December city council meeting. The committee will meet again in two weeks on October 6 at 10 a.m. at City Hall to discuss continuing plans for the campaign.

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