Thieves steal freezer parts

September 21, 2011 • Police Blotter

Police were called to Cattleman’s Steakhouse, 2010 S. Main St., Monday. An employee stated that the freezer [auth] had been moved to the back in preparation for remodeling. After the freezer had been moved, subjects removed all the electrical wire and copper. The freezer was valued at $2,500.

• Police were sent to the 400 block of East 23rd Street, Monday, after the resident returned from work to find his front door kicked in. Items missing included a black-and-yellow heat gun, a black-and-silver screen monitor and some hair clippers. Items were valued at $980.

Police were dispatched to the 500 block of South Wyoming Avenue, Monday, following reports of shots fired. Officers arrived to find the victim, who had been shot in the thigh, in obvious pain. Two other individuals were inside the home.

The victim stated he did not know if the shooter was still in the residence and refused to prosecute.

• Police were sent to Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, Monday, where an individual was being treated for gun-shot wounds. The person said he was cleaning his Taurus 9 mm and attempted to remove live rounds from the chamber. The slide jammed, and he was wounded in the left hand and the left leg.

Criminal damage
Police were dispatched to the old Rehabilitation Center, 31 Gail Harris St., Tuesday, where several windows and a fuel-tank pipe were stolen. Repair costs for two full windows on the northeast side of the building and seven single panes, along with the pipe, are estimated at $700. The rehab center has been unoccupied since April and has been vandalized at least eight times, with total damages estimated in the thousands.

• Police have been called to South Park Cemetery, 3101 S. Main Street, twice, in the past two days. On Monday, the loss of a brass vase from a veteran’s grave, valued at $100, was reported missing. On Tuesday, a shrine built on a grave was damaged. The cost of repairs is estimated at $100.

Police received a report of attempted burglary and battery at Auto Aid, 225 N. Virginia Ave., Tuesday. The victim said he was in the front of the shop when he heard a noise in the back. When he went to the alley to see what was happening, he found a male subject trying to force the door open. The victim asked the man what he was doing. The subject stated he owned the store. As the victim turned away, the subject hit the victim in the face with an unknown object. An observer tried to tackle the subject, but he got away.

Anyone having information on these or any other crimes should contact Crime Stoppers, 888-594-TIPS (8477). Callers may remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward.

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  1. eveshr57 says:

    The number of break-ins in Roswell is completely out control. I had a break-in 09/02/11. The police officer came and took a report, did not check anything, as a matter of fact it was not even reported to the daily news. he asked me what did I want to do? I’m like you are the police officer, what do you do when you have a break-in. he also asked if I needed a report for the rent-to-own company. I do not rent to own, I own everything in my house. This has got to be the sorriest police department in America. I moved here from Dallas 4 years ago, I had a break-in a while back (in Dallas), the police took fingerprints, looked for footprints and spoke to my neighbors. None of that was done here. This completely unacceptable. Does anyone even care, this place is too complacent and will settle for anything.

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