TheGIG offers prayer and worship

September 20, 2011 • Local News

God is God. That is the idea behind theGIG, an open prayer and worship event hosted by the Salvation Army on Friday nights at the Chaves County Courthouse lawn.

Budding from the idea to give high schoolers a place to practice their faith publicly, theGIG, which held its first open prayer session on May 6, has grown to draw a total attendance of 2,711 and a total of 482 seekers, those who come for prayer, in its first four months. Captain Beau Perez, corps officer for the Roswell Salvation Army, said these numbers are low estimates, given theGIG held a session for three nights during the UFO Festival, which attracted people from all over the world.

TheGIG attracts those wanting to hear a gospel message. It also encourages people to pronounce their faith in Jesus Christ, loudly over a microphone, inviting those who call him their savior and lord to come to the courthouse lawn. Food is always provided, and, oftentimes, bands perform during the event. Seekers often perform their own songs and music as well. “We don’t want it to Login to read more

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