Autopsy rules death accidental

September 20, 2011 • Local News

According to the Office of the Medical Investigator, Octavio Loya’s death was ruled accidental. The 40-year-old Roswell resident was found dead at Remco Auto Parts and Wrecking, 4600 S. Main St., in March. The subject’s death followed pursuit, [auth] on-foot, by members of the Chaves County Sheriff’s Department, Roswell Police Department and New Mexico State Police.

The chase ensued after a deputy initiated a traffic stop on the 4300 block of South Main. Loya produced a fake driver’s license, and, said Sgt. Daniel Ornelas, “Loya fled on foot after a small struggle.”

The autopsy states, “The decedent was reportedly involved in an altercation with a law enforcement officer, in which the officer was knocked down and he fled on foot.”

The OMI found no indication of physical injury besides a small scrape, one-half inch in length, on Loya’s right arm.
Officials also listed acute amphetamine and methampetamine intoxication as a cause of death.

The autopsy reports, “The toxicological analysis revealed many markedly elevated levels of methamphetamine and amphetamine in the blood.” It also noted the presence of alcohol.

The autopsy appears to indicate that the drugs may have been a contributor in his death. “In overdose, both methamphetamine and amphetamine can cause convolutions, circulatory collapse and sudden death.”

Amphetamines stimulate the central nervous system. Meanwhile, when methamphetamines are metabolized, they turn into amphetamines. In University of Montana studies, the toxic dose of methamphetamines varies depending upon the the individual. When methamphetamines are used with alcohol, the combination increases the effects on the heart.

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