Santa Fe woman spicing things up with salsa brand

September 18, 2011 • State News

Terry Rodriquez, owner of Alave! (This is good) Salsa and Queso Suave mixes the ingredients that she uses to make her secret formula on Wednesday Sept. 7, 2011 at the Espanola Commercial Kitchen in Espanola, N.M. Rodriguez has worn many hats before starting her salsa business. Raised in Nambe, she has been a journeyman house painter for some 30 years, she was a special-education teacher at El Dorado Community School and is 12 credits shy of completing the four-year, exercise-science program at Santa Fe Community College. Through it all, her homemade salsa was in constant demand, especially with her friends and co-workers. (AP Photo/The New Mexican, Clyde Mueller)

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — There are plenty of people in Santa Fe — not to mention greater Northern New Mexico, the entire state and probably the vast American Southwest — who make their own salsa. A significant percentage, too, have most likely fantasized about packaging and selling that salsa. One Santa Fe resident, however, will tell you it’s not a project to be taken lightly.

“I do it all. Deliveries, demonstrations, everything. I drive myself crazy. This is my life. This is it,” said Terry Rodriguez, owner and sole employee of A La Ve! Salsa.

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