Cowboy shooting draws a crowd

September 18, 2011 • Local News

Karen Gray competes during the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association’s New Mexico State Championship at Eastern New Mexico State Fairgrounds, Saturday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

‘Anything you can do I can do better,’ as the song goes, seems to be the rally cry for women in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, which is having its state competition at the Eastern New Mexico State Fairgrounds, Saturday and Sunday.

A relatively new sport that combines horse riding and short range shooting, cowboy mounted shooting involves cowboys and cowgirls riding a horse around a predetermined pattern while shooting at balloons.

The guns used are all based on the Colt Single Action .45 and competitors use blanks. Cowboy mounted shooting is not a judged sport — it’s a timed sport. The fastest cowboy — or cowgirl — wins.

Kenda Lenseigne makes the precision sport — which involves mental and physical agility — look like a cakewalk. The 36-year-old is the only woman to win the world championship in cowboy mounted shooting, which she achieved in 2009 in Amarillo, Texas.

“It’s rewarding for my years of hard work,” she said. “Women with a can-do Login to read more

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