Veterans looking for employment; 'Your best bet, hire a vet!'

September 14, 2011 • Vistas

In one of the President’s recent speeches announcing a monetary bonus/incentive for employers hiring veterans, he used the 40 plus year old slogan; — “Your best bet, hire a vet”. That was the same phrase used on the outside of the Veterans Affairs enveloped I received several years ago informing me they, the VA, weren’t going to hire me (after returning from another war). Even though I far exceeded job requirements for that federal position, I wasn’t the right ethnicity (back in “the day”). My point? My brothers and sisters returning from war, — be prepared for a rough re-entry!
First of all, there aren’t any jobs to get! A lot of the jobs you use to have (the ones you are guaranteed by law to go back to when you return) have disappeared with the company that closed or downsized due to the failing economy. Small business will find it hard to accept the temporary fix (hiring bonus) when they are closing or laying off due to huge long term expenses from new regulations and coming [auth] mandatory National Health Care “improvements.”
Second, jobs are going overseas. Rhetoric from the “business owner haters” (politicians) tell us it’s because of owner greed. I disagree. While working for, or with, several businesses during the last 30 plus years, the decision to go “offshore” was for survival. In order to stay in business, the company could only pay salaries (average) of , let’s say $8 an hour. The unions demanded $20 an hour (plus unofficial lower production rates and other subtitle hindrances). The owner’s choice? Go bankrupt or overseas. What’s even more frustrating, the same politicians shouting foul are themselves supporting the off-shore concept. The President’s own business advisor, Jeff Immelt (CEO, General Electric, chair of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and head of the President’s Economic Advisory Panel, replacing Paul Volcker) has and is going offshore with his business. He recently worked on a partnership with China to build commercial aircraft competing against our U.S. company, Boeing (who just happens to be at war with the union and Government’s National Labor Relations Board over relocating an operation to the non-union South Carolina). By the way, our (anti-jobs sent overseas) current White House Government and GE partners include national and provincial environmental protection agencies in China, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. You can’t just make this stuff up, folks! Hey, maybe they can use some of our Asian experienced Vietnam era vets over there. Oh yeah, — GE is among those nasty corporate people who don’t pay taxes (which, I thought, the Administration was going after “for the people”).
Veteran brothers and sisters, consider these things while trying to stay alive (at home). Our national debt is a long-term problem – unemployment is an immediate crisis. Furthermore, unemployment can cause a self-perpetuating drain on the economy that renders us unable to deal with our debt (long-term). Businesses need (employed citizens) to buy the products and services produced. Nobody working means no work for those not working. Ouch! Paying unemployed workers for 6 months to build a government bridge means they will be unemployed, again, in 6 months. Even worse, their salaries will be paid from money we borrow from China (since we’re broke). Giving people borrowed money and “financing” special programs to save us by having disposable income to buy products, — is that really correcting the problem or just a 6 month fix that digs the hole deeper? What did the Stimulus Programs (QE1 and QE2) do besides inflate our loan bubble in China? It certainly didn’t fix things. Pundits say they did. Proving that bafflegab false is easy. If Stimulus 1 didn’t work (Mr. Bush), and Stimulus 2 didn’t work (Mr. Obama), what lunatic would borrow several billion more to watch history repeat itself (Mr. Immelt, Mr. Timothy Geithner and Mr. Ben Bernanke)? Bottom line, — every dollar we “invest” to “stimulate” is borrowed! Why are we stuck on stupid, Washington?
Veteran brothers and sisters, maybe your skills that kept you alive in the desert can be used to save us here at home. Stay focused, informed and connected! God bless.

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