Veterans looking for employment; 'Your best bet, hire a vet!'

September 14, 2011 • Vistas

In one of the President’s recent speeches announcing a monetary bonus/incentive for employers hiring veterans, he used the 40 plus year old slogan; — “Your best bet, hire a vet”. That was the same phrase used on the outside of the Veterans Affairs enveloped I received several years ago informing me they, the VA, weren’t going to hire me (after returning from another war). Even though I far exceeded job requirements for that federal position, I wasn’t the right ethnicity (back in “the day”). My point? My brothers and sisters returning from war, — be prepared for a rough re-entry!
First of all, there aren’t any jobs to get! A lot of the jobs you use to have (the ones you are guaranteed by law to go back to when you return) have disappeared with the company that closed or downsized due to the failing economy. Small business will find it hard to accept the temporary fix (hiring bonus) when they are closing or laying off due to huge long term expenses from new Login to read more

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