Don’t glorify Billy the Kid

September 13, 2011 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
Tragically, New Mexico is nationally ranked seventh per capita in violent crime — many of the victims have been minors.
Criminals (e.g. the Memphis Gang) have flocked and are flocking to our state, because in their own words, “New Mexico is soft on crime.”

Sadly, our state has a juvenile delinquency, including a gang, problem. Even my own, rural county (Lincoln County) has a gang problem (e.g. the Norteno and Sureno street gangs).

As the governor and leader of New Mexico, Gov. [auth] Susana Martinez has set a bad example for our youth by implementing the “Catch the Kid” game in honor of the thief and murderer, Billy the Kid. As a former DA, she is hypocritically touting (Tout: “To promote; to glorify”) Billy the Kid; therefore, she is glorifying outlawry, including murder. “One cannot be anti-crime and simultaneously be pro-criminal.” Additionally, as a former DA, she should know that you cannot serve a warrant to; arrest, try, jail and/or execute a dead person.

Money is the primary reason that Governor Martinez is touting the thief and murderer Billy the Kid. “Avarice usually outweighs morality.”

The next time that the governor asks, “Why does our state have a juvenile delinquency, including a gang, problem,” all she has to do is look in the mirror. Per Colin Powell, “Ask not what is wrong with today’s children; ask what is wrong with today’s adults.”

Remember, the so-called Kid is touted as an “outlaw” and nothing else. We adults, especially our leaders, must set a proper example for our youth by touting lawful instead of unlawful behavior.

There are no issues more important than children issues. They’re even more important than the issuing of drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Hopefully, the governor will become a proper role model and an advocate for our state’s youth.
By the way, I’m an agnostic and an unaffiliated voter who voted for Governor Martinez. I’m now having second thoughts.


Franklin L. Boren

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One Response to Don’t glorify Billy the Kid

  1. mbeets says:

    Hello Mr. Boren,
    I was a life long resident of Roswell, born and raised. It’s not just the parents, it is the Attitude of the founding fathers that has not helped the YOUTH. The economy is not good, businesses are a monopoly, you are 200 miles from anywhere. As far as Billy the Kid, he was not all bad. I would have in-herited Tinnie, or when it was Anaya NM. You see my uncle “lost” the deed in a “legal” gambling game to the Cattle Barons when they TOOK land from many in one form or another. So being an agnostic person, it would be hard for you to believe that Billy the Kid robbed from the rich to give back to the poor. Give back their deeds to their lands…So all is not black and white..wish it were. Anyway, that is history, and that is that. The game is just a game, and has nothing to do with the deteriation of Roswell, Tinnie, or New Mexico in general. When they took God our of schools and out of government we get what we get…Now that is proven.
    I no longer live in Roswell, I live in Houston and with opportunities for anyone to make it, I see a difference in the atmosphere. I feel a lot of people in Roswell feel trapped. Ah New Mexico Land of Enchantment. Let’s focus on a remedy, instead of pettiness of blaming a game. Good luck New Mexico.

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