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September 8, 2011 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
Sept. 1
Matthew D. Arriaga, 25, and Tommieann M. Miller, 36, [auth] both of Roswell.
Lyle Johnathan Griffith, 41, and Kenitra D. Derrick, 36, both of Roswell.
Jonathan K. Cooper, 26, and Debbie S. Luevano, 33, both of Roswell.
Eladio S. Chaidez, 37, and Amber F. Barela, 28, both of Roswell.

Sept. 2
David L. Garlinger, 45, and Amber S. McMullen, 43, both of Roswell.
Gustavo Saenz, 48, and Debora Lynn Trent, 49, both of Whiteface, Texas.
Alberto Arrieta, 22, and Carolyn Elyce Ridge, 23, both of Lubbock, Texas.
Francisco Chontal-Escobar, 28, and Marisela V. Serrato, 19, both of Roswell.
Jacob A. Gurule, 27, and Ludivina O. Gonzalez, 28, both of Roswell.

Sept. 6
Kevin B. Meadows, 27, and Justine L. Aragon, 21, both of Roswell.
Miguel A. Mendoza Portillo, 27, and Isle J. Venegas Hernandez, 21, both of Roswell.
Jeremy J. Romero, 18, and Mercedes G. Borunda, 19, both of Artesia.

Sept. 7
Richard A. Pittman, 49, and Zondra McCord, 49, both of Roswell.
Christopher S. Hollis, 39, and Brenda T. Aguilar, 43, both of Hagerman.
James D. Little, 45, and Lana M. Candelaria, 42, both of Roswell.

Filed Aug. 31
Penny L. Cherry vs Kristofer Long

Final Sept. 1
Dustin Briggs vs Amy Briggs

Final Sept. 2
Amber Sopher vs Dusty Towler

Final Sept. 6
Johnny D. Sanchez vs Renee De Los Santos Sanchez

Municipal Court
Aug. 31, 2011
Judge Larry Loy
Shoplifting under $250 — JoAnn Coronado, of 1414 S. Elm St.; fined $129. It is ordered defendant to complete the ASPEN Program within 90 days and return certificate of completion to Municipal Court and pay all related fees.
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle — Marci Sanchez, of 56 Wells; fined $129.

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