Be careful: Distemper rates up

September 2, 2011 • Local News

Officials at Animal Control say that the incidence of distemper has doubled this year.

Tammy McKee, veterinary technician and kennel manager, said, “If we have been seeing 25 percent of the animals coming in with distemper in previous years, this year it’s more like 50 (percent). This is not just here. It’s at the Humane Society and in veterinary offices.”

According to McKee, the increase has become particularly noticeable in the past two months.

Distemper is an airborne virus. She could not say why the increase; however she felt that the weather may be a contributor. “It’s a lot drier this year, so the infection is not being dissipated as quickly.”

Heat may also be a factor, with animals being physically stressed by the hot weather, their resistance may be down.

The symptoms include fever, nasal discharge, Login to read more

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