See Killgo’s for expert brake work, ‘alinements’ and now, parts

September 1, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Harold “Hugo” Killgo installs new disk brake pads on a vehicle. He can also turn brake drums. If it has anything to do with brakes or front-end work (shocks, struts, ball joints or wheel bearings,) he is THE ONE to call. Hugo does expert work at competitive prices, using only the best quality parts. Killgo has specialized in brake and front-end work for fifty years. Killgo’s Brake and Alinement, 1508 West Second St., is the place to go for brake and front-end work, on a new vehicle or on a classic like this beautiful 1968 Impala. Phone 623-7009 for expert service.

Did you ever hear of a “one-man band?” Well, Harold “Hugo” Killgo, owner of Killgo’s Brake and Alinement, 1508 West Second Street, is a one-man front-end and brake specialist. Harold has been handling brake and front-end work for fifty years, since 1960, and can fix any domestic or imported car or truck, including 4-wheel drive vehicles.


You may have noticed that Harold spells “alinement” without the “g.” (Both spellings are correct, according to Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged.) Harold says, “You can get an alinement with a ’g’ anywhere, but you have to come here to get it done right!”

Harold’s dad, D.P. spelled it without the “g” also. D.P. Killgo, who passed away a few years ago in Texas, ran Roswell Brake and Alinement for years, and is perhaps best remembered for the big fake bear in the back of his El Camino pickup during that time. Login to read more

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