ENMU-R opens disc golf course

August 30, 2011 • Local News

Vanessa Kahin
Record Staff Writer

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell students who want to stay active while they socialize now have a new place to do so.

A brand new disc golf course — located on Martin Street between University Blvd. and Gail Harris Street — is strategically located to attract ENMU-R students.

“There’s not much student involvement,” said Maria LeBlanc, ENMU-R college development administrator, of the reason why she created the 9-hole disc golf course. LeBlanc said she hoped to “increase student productivity with outdoor recreation.”

The new disc golf course’s location is also [auth] meant to give people on the south side of Roswell a place where they, too, can be active and enjoy the outdoors. Anyone in the community is welcome to check out disc golf items from the Physical Education Center on campus. These materials include three discs, scorecards, and a course map. These materials can be rented for one dollar and must be returned before the PEC closes.

LeBlanc acknowledged that perhaps there are people who have their own discs. She said there is no obligation to rent discs from the PEC if one has his or her own.

Disc golf is just like regular golf, but played without clubs and with flying discs instead of the traditional small, dimpled ball.

“Disc golf is an up and coming sport,” LeBlanc said. “It’s a very popular sport (with) the student body.” LeBlanc said the weather in the area is ideal for disc golf and that the course needs very little upkeep.

This is Roswell’s second disc golf course. The other is an 18-hole course at Enchanted Lands on the northwest side of town.

Jim Sexe, civil designer for the city of Roswell, helped LeBlanc lay out the course. He said the 18-hole course is both recreational and for advanced players, whereas the one near ENMU-R is “more of a recreational course for the college.”

LeBlanc said an expansion of the ENMU-R golf course to an 18-hole course might be in the works. Development of other student activities is also on the agenda.

For more information about the new disc golf course, call 624-7404. For more information about disc golf in general, visit the Professional Disc Golf Association’s website at

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