Third Valero suspect surrenders

August 25, 2011 • Local News

Johnanthony Valderaz, 21, was apprehended, Tuesday. Valderaz is the alleged third participant in the staged robbery at the Valero station, 3300 N. Main St., on June 6.

Roswell Police Department Sgt. Jim Preston said, “The detectives ended up with the new development in the case allowing them to issue a warrant for his arrest. He turned himself in at the Sheriff’s office last night.”

Tiffany Green, 21, and Rosalinda Herrera, 24, turned themselves in to the police on Aug. 11. [auth] “Their lawyers called to make arrangements the day after their names appeared in the media,” said Public Information Officer Travis Holley.

Court records indicate that Valderaz and Nina (aka Rosalinda) Herrera were stopped moments after the 911-call was made. Valderaz told the officer at the time that he saw two subjects running down the alley away from Valero.

During the initial interviews, as noted in the affidavit of criminal complaint, Valderaz denied being involved with the robbery, saying he had just come to pick up Herrera after he received a call from her saying she needed a ride.

In the original complaint, both Herrera and Green claimed the other was the organizer of the plan for the staged robbery. Green said she owed Herrera $1,900 for drugs and suggested the idea. Valderaz, Herrera’s boyfriend, said Green was dealing drugs and the plan was hers.

The June robbery happened around 10:30 p.m. at the store where Green worked as a clerk. She reported to the police that she was robbed at gunpoint and struck on the back of the head by one of the two male suspects.

Detectives, viewing the video footage, felt that many things about Green’s testimony did not add up.

Green implicated Herrera as the person who decided to stage the robbery.

The FBI became interested in the incident because it resembled other robberies which took place in California, Herrera’s former residence.

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