Vega trial Day 3

August 19, 2011 • Local News

Day three of the State of New Mexico v David Vega started with Officer Ted Sandoval reviewing the extent of his injuries that occurred during the shoot-out which followed the murders of Christopher Vega, 25, and his girlfriend, Alisa (Michelle) Montgomery, 31. Sandoval still has shotgun pellets in his elbow because any attempt to remove them will cause more damage than leaving them in place. In addition, hospital staff found 10 pellets including two in his knee.

Vega is facing two counts of first-degree murder for the May 10, 2010, killings, three counts of attempted murder on a police officer and one count of assault.

Forensic psychologist for the defense, Dr. Samuel Rolls, gave his assessment of Vega’s mental status. He reported that his evaluation came from interviews and a battery of psychological tests, including the Rorschach or inkblot test, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and the Weshsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

According to Rolls, the tests revealed that Vega had sustained organic damage to the left side of the brain as a result of an accident he had in 2007. Rolls called Vega borderline retarded, with overall IQ of 87. In terms of memory Login to read more

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