Autopsy results released in Vega trial

August 18, 2011 • Local News

The state presented its case on day two of the State of New Mexico versus David Vega murder trial. Vega is facing charges of first-degree murder for the May 10, 2010, shooting death of his son Christopher, 25, and his son’s girlfriend, Alisa Montgomery, 31.

The Chief of Medical Investigation, Dr. Ross Zumwalt, testified on the autopsy results. According to Zumwalt, Christopher received two gunshot wounds — one in the right upper chest that traveled through the body, shattered the collar bone, fractured the spine, severed the spinal cord and severed the major artery in the heart. The second entered the back of the left arm, fracturing the large bone of the upper arm.

Zumwalt said he did not know the sequence of the shots, but said either one could have been fatal. He told the police that after severing of the spinal cord, “Christopher would have dropped.”

According to his estimation, the presence of wadding inside the body (the plastic outer casing that enclosed the shotgun shell) indicated that Vega was between two and six feet away when he shot his son.

Zumwalt said Montgomery received three shots — one to the right side of the Login to read more

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