Vega murder trial to begin

August 2, 2011 • Local News

Defense [auth] and State’s attorneys complete their preparations for the David Vega murder trial due to begin on August 16. David Vega is accused of murdering his 25-year -old son, Christopher Lee Vega, and his son’s 31-yearold girlfriend, Alisa Montgomery, on May 10, 2010.

The killing followed a day of continuous complaints to the Roswell Police Department. Vega was arrested around 8:30 p.m. on May 9 for a petty misdemeanor, disorderly house, following the domestic dispute on Sunday.

When Vega was taken into custody, it was the third time of ficers had been called to the residence that day. Vega’s nephew, who was in the residence at the time, overheard his uncle call someone and state he was going to kill Chris and Alisa.

After the shooting, Vega made a second call to say that he had done it. According to court documents, Vega then told his nephew to leave, saying that the police were not going to take him alive.

Police said the 47-year old Roswell man was released from Chaves County Detention Center for less than two hours when he killed two people and wounded three police officers during the shooting spree early Monday morning. In Monday’s pre-trail hearing, Deputy District Attorney Alan Griffin said the District Attorney’s office had received the DNA report from the State.

He listed the expert witness for this evidence as Jennifer Otto. He also stated that the District Attorney’s offices had obtained the ballistic report. Vegas’ defense attorney Jesse Cosby said he had also received the DNA evidence required by disclosure, but had not had time to review it yet.

Cosby said that he had the psychological evaluation of Dr. Rolls and he pointed out that the assessment was not intended for the use to challenge sanity or competency, but to raise issues of diminished capacity. Grif fin said the State would bring Clinton Rhyne to review the defense psycchologist’s evaluation.

Cosby protested that Rhyne was difficult to contact. Currier advised Cosby to try and speak with the psychologist by telephone. Griffin did report that he had received a last minute palm-print evidence from the RPD, but the State offices had yet to process the information and asked if the DA’s of fice could have a continuance. Currier warned both. “We are running up against time.

We need to give defense the time to review the evidence and come up with expert witnesses. Griffin replied, “If we have DNA, I don’t know if fingerprints or palm prints will make a real difference. The trial is scheduled for Aug. 16 through Aug. 20, but Currier advised if more time was required, it may run into Saturday and the following Monday.

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