Dwyer gets sentenced

July 26, 2011 • Local News

Allen C. Dwyer, Jr., 20, was sentenced Monday to 20 years with five years suspended sentence for the killing of Tony Quici in a botched burglary attempt.

The incident occurred on Jan. 22, 2008. Quici lived for about a week after the attack and told his daughter, Rachel, that he had not fallen.

He then succumbed to his injuries early in February. Two years later, Dwyer turned himself in to the police. The daughter continued to call the police asking them to investigate the crime, but she told the Daily Record in a 2010 interview that officials insisted Tony was old and he had just fallen.

However, Dwyer contact ed the police in Alamogordo, where he was living at the time, to ask if Quici had died. Alamogordo Police Department, who then Login to read more

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3 Responses to Dwyer gets sentenced

  1. larrym says:

    Dwyer turned his self in and got more time than Bravo? Wow is our justice system wrong! Did Judge Shamas and Mr. Quici go to the same church?

  2. TOADSTER48 says:

    Well I see the intelligence for larrym has not changed. Mr. Quici was an old man that didn’t deserve to be beaten to death for drug money. This is just another case of drug induced crime at an others expense and in this case the death of another human being. It is always the case of he got this but he got this for that. Grow up larrym and take care of your self and leave others alone.

  3. larrym says:

    Toadster, You have no clue what really happened………..

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