Bravo pleads guilty to 2nd-degree murder

July 23, 2011 • Local News

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8 Responses to Bravo pleads guilty to 2nd-degree murder

  1. murphy says:

    There’s a second tragedy here, that is the sentence he got for killing this young lady and the mother of his children. Brave man? Hiding in a closet? He should be locked away indefinitely.

  2. rbadams01 says:

    Its too bad he will be able to get out of jail someday. He should pay with his own life for taking the life of another!

  3. lynchmob says:

    Too bad he wasn’t brought to justice before he committed this incidious crime. Maybe he will get raped or murdered in prison. It’s the best we can hope for. He doesn’t even deserve to get the 4 days a month for good time. Rot in h*ll Ramon.

    BTW, he had to plead guilty as his wife ran out of money to pay his lawyer. There is justice after all!!

  4. murphy says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm, second degree murder? Strange, hiding in a closet, waiting for her return wasn’t pre-meditated? Could have fooled me.

  5. enmur says:

    I am seeing pre-meditated here. How can someone get so lucky to actually torture someone in that manner and get ONLY 12 years!!! Wow, don’t get caught with drugs though…imagine that. That poor mother who found her daughter that way! Poor children who no longer have a mother!!! What the h*ll are they thinkin?????????????????????

  6. larrym says:

    Ramon Bravo got a deal for reasons that will become public real soon. There is alot of cover up in another case that will bring light to why he got such a short sentance. Keep up the good work Roswell Daily Record!

  7. TOADSTER48 says:

    When in the hell are you young buck cowboy dudes going to load up and take care of all these punk meskins in Roswell. If they are in a gang and carry these tattoos showing what tribe they belong to open up fire on these punkass meskin gangbangers. No limit for this hunting season and would get rid of a huge problem Roswell has had for many years. Time to stop it now.

  8. larrym says:

    We should take care of the ignorant crap talking white trash also.

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