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July 15, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Chaves County Crime Stoppers’ new web-site is live and ready to assist you. On the site you can learn more about Crime Stoppers; how to report a crime; and also see wanted fugitives. The site is new and still “under construction” but it is hoped that you will use it as a valuable tool for citizens and law enforcement in the area. For more information please call Chaves County Crime Stoppers at 622-7233.

Sometimes we look at the Roswell Daily Record headlines or at the Police Blotter and we think “Holy cow! Look at all that crime! I wonder what I can do to reduce crime in Roswell and in Chaves County? What can I personally do??”

Well, we have an answer for you. You can, on your own, make a difference in Roswell’s crime rate! Chaves County Crime Stoppers has been in existence in Roswell since the late Eighties and was formally established as a not-for-profit in 1991. For several years, the program was very active, and it really did make a difference in Chaves County. Unfortunately, [auth] however, the organization faded somewhat and was virtually forgotten for several years. About two years ago, Chaves County Crime Stoppers began to regroup and to reestablish itself. We worked to strengthen our Board of Directors and began to find a certain passion in our “cause”. One thing we were confident about was that we had to remove any fear associated with reporting a crime. When a person sees a crime, or knows where some fugitive is hiding, that potential tipster must not be afraid that their voice will be recognized or that their name will appear on a caller i.d. With that in mind, we found a call center near Houston, Texas which serves Crime Stopper accounts exclusively, is available for calls 24/7, and can take tips in Spanish and in English. There is no way that anyone will recognize your voice! You can feel confident that YOUR CALL IS ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS. In the several months that we have used our call center, the Roswell calls have more than TRIPLED! Chaves County Crime Stoppers has made some significant awards in recent months to several tipsters who want to make Roswell and Chaves County a safer place to live.


Another thing we have learned in the “kick-start” to Crime Stoppers is that we must as an organization remember that we are in the Twenty-first Century. Advertising and communication in 2011 is altogether different from that of the seventies, eighties and nineties. Our first venture into this highly technical age is to create a web-site. When you’re surfing the internet, check out . Yes, it’s still “under construction” to an extent, but we plan to make it a valuable tool to law enforcement officials and to the citizens of Roswell as well. You can expect to see current photographs and updated  information on wanted fugitives and persons of interest. Check it out! And it won’t be very long before we will have the ability to submit “web tips” and to make available other current technologies to our citizens and our law enforcement officers. We learned a while back that someone as young as fourteen or so may be our best method to stay on top of current technology and keep Crime Stoppers “tip-wise” in 2011, 2012, and  beyond.


“What about the money?” you may be thinking. Today, Chaves County Crime Stoppers is doing okay financially. But in an economy which is pretty fragile, we are always aware that tougher times could come. As a board, our proudest moments are those where we must determine HOW MUCH to pay a tipster who has just made it possible to apprehend some criminal. We absolutely love to make those awards! If you would like to make a donation to Chaves County Crime Stoppers, please send it to P.O. Box 551, Roswell, NM 88202-0551. We are a bona fide 501(c)(3) organization, and much appreciative of the community in which we live.  Thank you!

Remember:   1-888-594- T I P S  (8477). You could be eligible for an award of up to $1000.00!!

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