Police Blotter

July 12, 2011 • Police Blotter


∙Police were called to the 100 block of South Lincoln Avenue, Saturday, after the victim found his vehicle door open. A tool box containing tools and three rachet sets had been removed, along with fire department gear, valued at $3,000. The victim said the door was unlocked. He had stopped locking his door because he was tired of [auth] repairing the windows broken when burglars wanted to gain access. A witness reported two male subjects were in the area immediately before the incident.

∙Police were dispatched to the 400 block of East Ballard Street, Sunday. The victim reported a Sony VCR, a refrigerator, hand tools, and a table saw had been taken. Total value of items is estimated at $955. Repair to the garage door and the window where the subject gained entry is estimated at $220. The victim also noted that there were broken beer bottles all around the residence.

Police were sent to Granite Circle, Sunday, where a circular saw, a framing nailer, a Saws-all, battery power pack were reported stolen. Estimated value of missing items is $719.

Aggravated assault

∙Police were dispatched to Walnut Street near Ohio and Delaware avenues, Sunday, following a report of assault after a verbal argument at a party got physical. The 22-year-old subject was asked to leave. He is reported as having pulled a gun on the 21-year-old victim.

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