Pandering to the wealthy

July 9, 2011 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I am becoming more confused every day. The Republicans adamantly refuse to raise the national debt limit or raise taxes for the rich. They also refuse to stop giving huge subsidies to the oil, tobacco and ethanol producers. Sen. Mitch McConnell sponsored a federal subsidy for people who raise race horses.

We give over $5 billion a year to the oil companies and the president of Exxon-Mobil retired a [auth] few years ago with a $454 million retirement bonus; obviously we paid him.

The tobacco producers are poisoning us and we give them money to do it. Agri-businesses, such as Archer Daniels, make huge profits producing ethanol from corn while people are starving around the world. And, ethanol production is very inefficient.

It takes almost as much energy to make as you get from it and producing it generates almost as much carbon dioxide as burning fossil fuels.

We support a military-industrial complex that consumes more money than all the rest of the industrialized countries and we don’t have a real enemy since the Soviet Union collapsed.

Bush started two wars, cut taxes and then borrowed the money to pay for them. I am not against anyone getting rich, but the people who made millions from these two wars should pay a reasonable tax for all the money they made.

When I learn how much they made I am always curious to know how much is enough? An interesting aside here: The super rich are trying to get a law passed that keeps their income from being disclosed to the public.

If this becomes law, we will never know what they make.

-John Ford Roswell

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