Roswell man charged with criminal sexual penetration

June 28, 2011 • Local News

Police arrested Marcus Victor Ramirez, 37, at his home on the 300 block of East Summit Street on Saturday.

He is charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor under the age of 13. The charges originated following an incident where the Roswell Police Department were called out on an agency assist. New Mexico Children, Youth and Family Department requested officials to a doctor’s office where the child victim was receiving a physical examination.

The alleged incident took place on June 1. According to the criminal complaint, the 4-year old complained of pain to her mother after her father [auth] returned her to her home following visitation. The child told her mother that “he touched her with his pinkie.”

The criminal complaint said the physical examination revealed redness and an abrasion in the pubic region. The physician stipulated that the redness noted could not be viewed as conclusive. The child also exhibited other physical symptoms which indicated sexual penetration.

The 4-year old also told investigators that “Daddy Marcus” touched her twice. When asked where she was touched, she pointed to “her private parts.”

The criminal complaint also stated that when the girl was asked where these incidents occurred, she answered in her bed. In the initial interview, Ramirez said he had been accused of sexual abuse in the past, but he had been exonerated by the “state doctor.” Ramirez said he believes that the mother’s boyfriend may be responsible.

In her initial statement, Ramirez’s girlfriend said she had never witnessed any inappropriate behavior between father and daughter.

She suggested that the child may have been prompted by the interviewer since the girl never referred to her father by his first name. The girlfriend doubted if the 4-year-old even knew her father’s first name. The girlfriend also stated that she was unsure if she would continue to see Ramirez since she had children of her own and was “very protective of them.” Ramirez is charged with a first-degree offense, which requires proof of “penetration” and that the victim be under 13.

As a first degree felony, Ramirez faces up to 18 years in prison. If convicted, once released he would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Ramirez was released from Chaves County Detention Center on June 25, after paying his $75,000 cash surety bond.

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