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June 21, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Kymera Radiology Tech Rachael prepares a patient for an x-ray. Please call Kymera at 627-9500.

Dr. Masoud Khorsand, a Roswell resident and physician, began providing superior quality care to the community in 1998 when he opened his doors as Southeastern New Mexico Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, providing cancer treatments and care for patients with blood disorders. By 2004 he had opened a cancer center in Carlsbad and in 2006, a cancer center in Hobbs.

Then, in July 2008 the opportunity arose to expand into a full multi-specialty medical group, resulting in a name change to Kymera Independent Physicians. Kymera provides Roswell, Carlsbad, Hobbs and Southeastern New Mexico with multidisciplinary medical care in the areas of Family and Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Hematology, Oncology, Laboratory and Radiology services. The group employs approximately 90 staff members working with 12 providers in these communities. Kymera believes that the need for quality and timely health care is a prime concern for the residents in our community and will continue to expand our services to meet these [auth] needs.


Kymera Independent Physicians is dedicated to providing accessible, innovative, superior quality health care to the residents of Roswell, Carlsbad, Hobbs and the surrounding communities of Southeastern New Mexico. Kymera accepts private insurance, self pay, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and indigent.


Kymera Independent Physicians will introduce and establish a multi-specialty independent physician group that places the medical needs of the community first. The group will stabilize and enhance access to quality and timely health care in Sou*theastern New Mexico while providing an environment for growth and expansion based on a financially viable physician practice.


Kymera Independent Physicians will strive to be a compassionate, responsive, ethical and efficient medical practice, devoted to the health care needs of the residents in our community.

Primary Care

Kymera Primary Care Centers are rapidly expanding to meet the medical needs of the surrounding community. This team is made up of superior physicians and mid-level practitioners with high levels of clinical expertise. The expanding group consists of Family Medicine and Internal medicine, providing timely care for pediatrics, adults, and geriatric patients.


Kymera Independent Physicians provides much needed endocrinology care to the people of our community. Diabetes, thyroid disorders and other glandular diseases are being treated with current medical and technological advances. Our Endocrinologist places emphasis on disease awareness and education on how to manage certain endocrine disorders.

Oncology (Cancer) and Hematology (Blood)

At Kymera Cancer Treatment Centers, we understand that a cancer diagnosis affects all aspects of your life including family, home, and careers. Our patients appreciate the comfort and security of being able to stay home, continue to work, and be with their families during treatment.

Our board certified hematologists and oncologists in Roswell, Carlsbad and Hobbs provide trusted, up-to-date cancer care utilizing evidenced based treatment modalities which have been shown to improve patient outcomes. They accommodate patients in a timely fashion, facilitating second opinions, and coordinating care with nationally recognized cancer facilities.

Not having to travel for treatment, friendliness and warmth of the physicians and staff as well as personal attention to needs and concerns, have been significant factors in minimizing the stress and concerns of our patients. All of theses factors have combined to make Kymera Cancer Treatment Centers an outstanding option for cancer care in our community.

Laboratory and Radiology

The staff of Kymera’s Laboratory and Radiology departments are professional and service oriented. They understand that quality and timely diagnostic information is vital to good medical care. To facilitate patients, the registration process is minimal, convenient hours (7:30am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday and 8:00am-12:00pm Friday) are offered, and our facility is easy to access with wheelchair availability. Our Phlebotomists and Radiologist are experienced and provide test results in an efficient and timely manner. Our radiology department currently provides non-fluoroscopic x-rays and bone density tests with plans to add CT Scans in the future.

Kymera Independent Physicians is located at 402 West Country Club Road and the phone number is 627-9500.

Kymera Cancer Treatment Center is located at 407 West Country Club Road. The phone number is 627-9516.

Find Kymera on the web at:

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